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Welcome to Red Moon Coaching

Very often, my clients have already achieved what they thought their goals should be when they come to me. They may have a great job, a beautiful family, an enviable salary, but they find themselves unfulfilled, stuck and full of self doubt.

"Why aren't I happy?" 

"Shouldn't this be enough?"

I help people move from being limited by the expectations of others, feelings of guilt for wanting more and the fear of what they might lose if they try to achieve it. I help them take control and make active choices about how their future plays out, letting them fall back in love with their lives.

If this sounds like you, then drop me an email and let's talk. I have been where you are, and you don't have to waste any more time wondering what the other options are.

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"Selina has a natural calm, a quiet authority and coaches with genuine warmth. She both accepts you and expects more of you, and creates a safe place to explore what's needed in the moment."

Caroline Storey

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